Company Profile

SENIUS means years of experience in baking and in industrial tunnel oven technology.

Modern, quality and energy efficient baking ovens is the result of the know how.

Hundreds of baking ovens are installed world wide.

SENIUS Food Equipment is a highly flexible company.

We focus on fast and positive personal response to industrial bakeries - with a smile and around the clock.


The team of owners and employees have recently been expanded with new experience and capacity.

SENIUS Food Equipment is dressed to meet the future challenges in the global industrial baking market.


  • ​Industrial tunnel baking ovens and accessories equipment such as cooling tunnels​
  • Ideas of new products and lay-out of production lines​
  • Service, relocation of existing equipment/installing new equipment​
  • Keeping equipment in good operational and efficient condition​
  • Break down assistance​
  • Energy saving activities with oven lines

           SENIUS Food Equipment

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