Description and data

The versatile and flexible concept of this Direct Gas Fired oven is the right solution for products that require the direct and moist heat transfer inside the baking chamber.

This oven concept is specifically chosen for running high temperatures inside the baking chamber.

The oven is equipped with multiple zones, and each zone consist of a number of 2m. long section.
All burners can be seperately switched on and off, and each baking zone can be regulated seperately.

The baking belt is chosen with respect to the desired baking methode and the desired pattern on the backside of the product.

Products are baked directly on the solid or woven wire mesh baking belt or on baking trays that are transported through the oven on an open wire mesh belt.

Baking width from 800 to 3500mm. are available.
Zone length are from 4 to 16m.
Total oven length up to 100m.

The ribbon burners are using gas as energy source.

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