A wide assortment of biscuits are baked in either impingement/convection ovens or hybrid ovens with a combination of Direct Gas Fired (DGF) and impingement/convection ovens.

They can be baked on solid steel belt or perforated steel belts, and it is just as normal to bake them on woven wire mesh belts like the famous Z47 or the like.
Biscuits comes in many variations and shapes, and they are formed in the well known Rotary Moulders, Sheeting lines, Wire-Cutters, Extruders and Depositors.

Also decorations can be used as value adding to the biscuit.
Biscuits also both in soft dough and hard dough variations.

The final biscuit is either sold as single biscuits or as a sandwich biscuits, and with cream etc. inside. 

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